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mouse gesture for perspective view not working

Question asked by Travis Colley on Jan 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by Travis Colley

Theseare based on  64-bit SW2011 SP1.0.


The problem pertains to Mouse Gesture feature which I use / like.

Is there a way to fix these problems?


I set a mouse gesture to Perspective because I always like perspective on but can't seem to make it stay on. The perspective setting doesn't work with a mouse gesture.



I can't get perspective to work at all i.e. mouse gesture downwards won't cause it to switch to perspective view. I can click on the heads-up menu to activate perspective view. Then the mouse gesture does work, but only to activate the perspective propertymanager. Not really working as a simple toggle though to switch to persp. view.


Rightward Mouse gesture is nice to have a select. But there are a few instances when it doesn't work.

Pan works well most of the time but also gets hung up in some instances.


Otherwise the Zoom to Fit, Area, Previous view work consistently as mouse gestures. I think the mouse gesture interface is great and I switched from having it feature-oriented to just for viewing after copying Charles' shortcut menu setup. I paused Charles' videos endlessly to zoom and copy his shortcut bar set ups. (Thanks! it works for me too)


I have a suggestion for the Mouse Gesture customizing interface:


the check box for "Show only . . . " which shows only the designated gesture short list is TOO short. It's good for printing out gesture attributes, but for setting them up I should also see similar neighbouring commands. Could there be a "show hide" toggle in the first column for the major categories? This would simplify scrolling the full list, you can't edit that cell anyways.