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Window select parts in an assy, and save to external assy

Question asked by David Anderson on Jan 7, 2011

hi all,


i have a rather large assembly and i am looking to extract some parts from it by window selection and then want to save then to an external assembly so i can perform FEA w/o having to build an assy from scratch


i cannot understand why SW does not allow one to create a subassy from windowed selections or am i missing something?


ways i am familiar to do this...


1. pick the individual parts and then insert a subassy into the existing document then save that externally and exit w/o save. PITA!

2. copy the assy and delete the uneeded components. do not like this method due to references etc.

3. creat a configuration in the large assy that only show the components desire. too much overhead with this method.


there has to be a better way.


thanks in advance,