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Quirks I can't fix after upgrading to 2011- Textures, reflections, colors

Question asked by Jordan Nolan on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by Charles Culp

We just upgraded from SW 2007 SP05 to 2011.  Seemed to go well except we have the following quirks we cannot seem to find an answer to in the help:


  1. When we open a part that we applied a texture to, the texture is not there any longer.  The user knows how to apply a texture again, but can't seem to locate where it was before.  How can we find out where the textures were being drawn from?
  2. A couple of users have a problem where the part that they are working on seems to be as if it is on a shinny table top when they are viewing it.  They see a reflection on the bottom plane when looking at the part from above and the sides.  From below the refection goes away.
  3. When opening models we are promted all the time on whether we want to use the Photoworks colors or the Solidworks colors, or both.  We have not made use of our photoworks license in many years so we are not sure why a Photoworks color prompt is appearing.  What are the consequences of saying just use the SW scheme and do not prompt again.