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Can Design Tables and Solidworks Get any Worse

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2011 by Scott McFadden

I remember a time when the introduction to Excel into Solidworks was a great thing, now its crap shoot.


I have made some awesome automation designs using SW and Design tables, back when it actually worked, now I can't get anything to work... at first it was just Macros inside the Design Table.... my VAR and SW come up with the solution of using 2003 version spreadsheets. Great I can get macro's to Work now, but I lose the functionality of 2007 Excel. I accepted that fact because after all I can use Macros and VBA again. Well that just came to screaching halt today.


After spending time outside of SW and building my Automation Spread sheet in Excel I figured I would delete the Spread and add my new one like I did when SW recommended that... well guess what SW and Excel are no longer linked. You insert a Design table and nothing happens. I try any file same result. So I tried to repair my Office 2007 then rebooted (since after all that is all Microsoft knows how to do after a repair). After the reboot and tested it and it worked... awesome, but I found problem so I worked outside of SW again and fixed the spread sheet after several hours worth of work and done the same process again... nope same thing its broke... Insert\Design Table "From File", "Blank", or "Auto-Create" yields no results. Of course now I am ticked... I reinstall SW, Repair my Office again, reboot and nothing the link is permanantly broke now. I have tried registering *.dll files and I cannot get SW to link back to Excel.


This kind of problems should not happen!!! If Solidworks is Microsoft compliant then why can I not maintain a link to Excel?


I hate to say this because I love using SW and I have been a long time supporter, but I am feeling like I am working with AutoCAD now... things not working as intended, links between programs are broken, having to use older spread sheets, because someone forgot or didn't test the new process of Excel 2007 (Macro-Enbaled versus non macro enabled spread sheets)... this is so discouraging and I have deadlines to meet and I am dead in the water until someone can fix this... of course I am in 2010. Only thing they can do is fix my link, but fixing the main reason for the problems... the earliest time they might address these problems are in 2012. so Nearly another year+ dealing with these flaky, crashing, dropped link issues.



I hope someone is watching this group and is taking notes on these DT issues!.


Sorry for venting here, but I just can't fathom that this is really happening in SW... I am still in AWE.