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    Flow sumulation

    sham sn

      by using vb.6 i want to save all the values  like ex: inlet mass flow thermodynamic parmaters ,turbalance parimeter in excel and also when i clck on excel templet


      values shoud be heliged back..


      i am looking for api and vb.6 code ..


      please guid eme in this

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          Joe Galliera

          I am going to try to translate this, please let us know if this is what you meant:


          By using Visual Basic 6, I want to save all the  values, for example inlet mass flow thermodynamic parameters and  turbulence parameters, in Excel and also when I click on Excel template.

          Values should be read (heliged?) back.

          I am looking for API and VB 6 code.

          Please guide me in this.

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            Loic Ancian

            Maybe you can install Flow Simulation API located in


            sw intall dir  / Solidworks Flow Simulation / API



            It may help.