Mans Collner

Creo SubDivision, when will SW see something similar?

Discussion created by Mans Collner on Jan 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2011 by Kevin De Smet

I got very impressed by a demo of Creo last week. I had a few sale guys on a screen-sharing meeting, and they showed me Pro/Engineer and ISDX.

That is nice stuff, and some features seems more stable than in SW (curve on surface and some others). However I suppose they showed me what ProE is better at, not the other way around wink.gif


After some surfacing examples we had a look at next relese, Creo, and a future the called SubDivision. Man! Was that cool!

They had made a way to allow modeling like in polygon-apps, like subpatch-modeling in Lightwave, but better! And then use that geometry to do normal mcad stuff on, as rounds, cuts, shell and such.

Basically the control-cage itself were controlled by numbers (resolution), it were able to merge-in cage-parts, and you could control the weight on the fly for the points!


And this were done inside Creo, and somewhat parametric (if I did understand this correct) since you could go back and do changes that came trough to the true parametric side. You could add constrains to the shape, were you needed a perfect straight or round, stuff that I have never seen before.


Call it cage-modeling, subpatch, subdivision or whatever, but we need this too, quite soon! Give me some fait, show some of SW 2012