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    EPDM vs Teamcenter

    Billy Oliver

      Hi,  We have been mulling over what system to go to during the past year.


      Does anyone use EPDM to store data other than Solidworks data. (pcb data, legecy cad data, etc)


      EPDM has a tighter fit for SW, but we have data from various groups that we need to control data.

      We have PCB design software currently in use, Legacy cad and pcb data, all types of old data that is stored on drives across the company in folders.


      With Teamcenter all and any data can be stored. Plus the fact of upgrading into other modules in future to replace existing systems.


      What path does EPDM have to migrate into a data storage tool for encompassing all data throughout the company.


      Any news from anyone of what's going to be announced at SW World as far as data and SW.



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          Michael Petersheim

          I am not familiar with Teamcenter, but you can drag and drop entire directories of almost all types of files into EPDM.


          I have run into the PSM file extension, which is used by Cadence Allegro as well as Solid Edge. EPDM assumes the PSM file is Solid Edge, and will not accept Allegro PSM files without a workaround (deletion of a registry entry on each user's workstation, or renaming the extension before and after addition to EPDM).


          Two things to watch out for when using EPDM with software that depends upon multiple shared files, such as Cadence Allegro with footprints, symbols, part database, etc.

          1. The user must "Get Latest Version" of all necessary files before each use, or one of two errors may occur:

               A.The software will either not be able to find them in the user's local cache, or

               B. The user may end up using an outdated version of these shared files without being aware of it.

          2. The user must "Check out" any files that will be modified by the software.


          I should mention that my employer uses EPDM for everything from SolidWorks, DWG, and Cadence Allegro to PDFs, Outlook MSG files, Word and Excel.

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            Brian Digeso



            EPDM can store various files just as Team Center and revision control them. The migration of the data is not an easy task for either software but I am sure there programmers that can develope tools to migrate data in either EPDM or Team Center. When my company upgraded from pdmworks to EPDM the data was evaluated and tested prior to migration to EPDM and had very liitle issues with good planning up front.


            I am sure the VAR will be happy to show you how EPDM handles various files types and possible ways to migrate this data.


            Hope this helps.