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tangent line options improved in 2011?

Question asked by Bonnie Caruthers on Jan 3, 2011

I have 2011 on comp just have not started to use yet as I do not have time for any slowdowns right now (changes that I may have to stop and figure out). That said, there are some things that are bugging me and might be worth it.  I really hate the tangent options in SW drawings.  the remove is not really remove, the "font" makes for a very busy view and of course keeping them in can be a really mess if you have a lot especially if lots of features near each other.  I'd like to see a "dimmed" line option so they are there but printed in a lighter pen.  Has this been changed in 2011?  I looked at the changes in 201 but so many not enough time   Currently running 2010 sp4