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    DraftSight Activation problem

    Cuneyt Varup



      I have a problem with draftsight. When i open it today, it said "activation is end"

      I try to activate it again but i can't do this. So i can't open draftsight.

      What can i do to fix this.

      I uninstalled it and install again but it didn't fixed.


      Help please.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Cuneyt


          Uninstall the product and download a latest one from the Draftsight website. Install and you'll be prompted to update and activate the product. I just did the same thing and it is working fine


          Also read this post for your future reference.Forum Posting

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            Dougal Hiscock

            I have also found the same problem.  Admittedly I think it's the first time I've clicked on a DWG or DXF this year.

            Is this to be a continual feature of draftsight or just a one-off?


            I really can't be bothered with software which deactivates without warning and requires download/reinstall (read as "valuable work time") to fix.

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              Don Garland

              Same activation problem. "Activation server not available. Please check your internet connection." Internet connection working just fine for everything else. Uninstalled and downloaded latest version. Same trouble.


              I really would like to get this up and running. I have to edit 2D drawings once in a while and you have no idea how bad I hate AutoDoddle.

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                Valerie Williams

                I'm having this problem, too.  The DraftSight Activation Guide is not a solution, because there is an address for automatic configuration and the Activation Guide does not include a step for what to do if there is an address there.  The address is set by company policy, and I am not able to connect to the internet if I disable automatic configuration.


                It seems activation of DraftSight is not possible for those of us in highly-secured networks.

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                  Don Garland

                  (Sigh) Guess I'm just going to have to put in for an AC Lite upgrade. Sure was hoping to get this working instead.

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                      Valerie Williams



                      Does your company also use an automatic configuration script in you LAN settings?

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                          Don Garland

                          Honestly, I don't know. I'm not too network savvy. Our network is so restrictive that I have to download all the SW update files manually, with difficulty, just keep SW up to date. I've tried all the advice offered here, that I can make sense of, to no avail. My questions seem to dumb to be considered. I've already received approval from my manager to update AutoCAD Lite. As bad as I hate AutoCAD, and I do despise it, I suppose I have no other option.

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                              Valerie Williams

                              I can't agree that AutoCAD is bad; it's pretty sophisticated as far as 2D goes.  My problem with it is that it's WAY too expensive for the rare occasions that I need to use 2D.


                              Don, open the Control Panel, then go to Network & Internet and then Internet Options.  Click on the Connections tab at the top.  Look down and click on the LAN Settings button.  This is one of the solutions suggested in the Activation Guide that Deepak posted above.  Do you have a check in the box that says "Use automatic configuration script"?  If so, is there also something written in the "Address" field below it?


                              If there is something there, then you have the same problem I do.  Your corporate internet security is such that won't allow DraftSight to activate.  I submitted a ticket to my VAR, and if they come up with a solution I will be sure to let you know what it is.  You might also talk to your IT people to see if they can come up with a workaround.


                              If you don't have anything there in the Address field, then try disabling "Use automatic configuration script" like the Activation Guide suggests and see if you can still get internet.  If so, then try activating DraftSight with that setting disabled and see if it now works.  Let me know how it goes.

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                          Suraj Desai

                          Hello Everyone..


                          I also fought with this issue for a while and after regourously searching for solution I found it suddenly.


                          You have to change the proxy settings of the application.

                          To change that Go to Tools-->Options-->Click on 'System Options' tab-->Expand 'General'--> Expand 'Proxy Server Settings' (Refer to attahced image)


                          Enter the details which are matching with proxy settings in your Internet Explorer (Go to Internet Options-->Switch to 'Connections' tab-->Click on 'LAN Settings' there you will find these settings)



                          After my trial period has finished I got the message which asked me to edit the proxy settings.


                          It worked for severla users at my end and hope this solution works for you.



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                            Craig Rose

                            If you are comfortable with going in a tweeting the registry, try this:




                            When I've had problems in the past with activation on DraftSight this has worked everytime.

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                              Greg Hyman

                              I just returned after spending 2 weeks out of country at a customer site.

                              Draftsight would not work for me at all; neither my windows nor my Linux versions - They both would go no further than the "Your trial period is over, you must activate..." window.

                              Fortunately, I was able to get *some* work done using LibreCad, but their tooling supplier had sent every single file in DWG format, with no answer to repeated requests for DXF.

                              I ultimately had to wait until the end of each day to return to the hotel, and do any DWG work in SolidWorks (which requires a VPN to my company to access the license server.)  This still forced me to use the SW interface, which is not very user-friendly for files in DWG format, but it did at least allow me to export to DXF and use LibreCad.

                              It would have been nice of them to have told their users - especially the ones (like me) who asked if purchasing the paid version would correct the issue.  But after the past 2 weeks, I have stopped entertaining that idea at all; I am convinced that any technical issues that need resolved with *any* version will be fielded by the same lack of interest / lack of customer support (or possibly, lack of ability.)

                              It is unfortunate that there is such poor support / service for a good product.

                              Is this the type of support DSS provides for all of their products, or simply the ones that are "included" with their other products?



                              I spoke with our SolidWorks VAR, they arrived at the same conclusion as Dassault:  "Oh, that's the version that came with SolidWorks.  We don't offer any support for the free version."

                              To me, that is the final answer - I have heard from DraftSight's sales department ("Will the paid version work for us?" "Sorry we don't answer questions from 'free' users."), DraftSight's Project Manager (Mark Lyons: "We do not offer support for the free version" ), and now our VAR ("You can try Safe Mode and Regedit" "OK, what about the Linux version that is having the same issue?" "Well, we really aren't supposed to offer support for the free version.")   Nobody at any level at DraftSight will address an issue with their activation process, nor will they entertain an offer to purchase the software in order to receive support.

                              The problem is not with the free version of DraftSight, the problem is with their activation process.  And since they have no desire to listen to one word from potential paid customers in order to find an issue with their activation system (which should be a relatively simple issue to find in an email subsystem, if they ever decided to actually look at it), I cannot fathom what their response would be if there ever was an actual issue with the software itself that would require them to show an interest in investigating a problem with the software (which would actually require them to find a functionality issue with their code.)

                              I've taken the only logical step.

                              I've uninstalled it.

                              It works better when I am not tempted to use it; the resultant frustration from dealing with a company that clearly does not care about their customers (or to gather data to correct an issue that has nothing whatsoever to do with the functionality of the actual product), simply makes me question the benefit of even trying to get it to work or consider buying the full (read: "supported") version.

                              LibreCad works just fine, and as an open-sourced piece of software (that installs and works first time on Linux as well as Windows) any issues are dealt with swiftly by the people who actually maintain the code.  What a concept!


                              Sorry if this sounds like a rant - But when a company pays for a good number of SW seats, and is given DraftSight as a tool to work with DWG files, then I guess I just expect that tool to work.  Being stranded with a non-working piece of software after spending literally months trying to get what appears to be a simple problem resolved is frustrating on a level that I refuse to continue.

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                                Greg Hyman

                                I haven't used draftsight in 4+ months.  However, I wanted to chime in with my $.02


                                Our Exchange server has 3ds whitelisted (and a dozen variations on dss, sw, ds, etc. as well)


                                We have users in 12 states, all of them using Solid Works, with Draft Sight as the 2D system we fall back on when our suppliers send us DWG files.  I can think of 6 people who have successfully received the registration email.  That's it.  Same machines, same setup, same network, etc.


                                It is not a local network problem.


                                There are a few sources online that recommend hacking the windows registry to hide the issue, but of course that will not actually fix the problem (particularly not for Linux users!) and from the looks of it, is merely a band-aid on a bullet hole.  And unfortunately, I have been through these, and other DSS / 3DS forums, went through our VAR tech support, and have even asked draftsight's sales department if the paid version will solve this issue - ultimately, I emailed Mark Lyons directly (DraftSight's product manager)... and in every single case, including the response from the product manager, I was told "We do not offer *any* support for the free version."  They do not bother to listen to the part about this being an issue with their activation/licensing system.  They hear "free version" and stop listening completely, because their troubleshooting script stops with "free version users do not receive *any* help at all" even though this is not a support question.


                                Some people get the activation, some people do not.  It is not a server problem, an email whitelist problem, an ISP problem, a proxy problem, or any other problem with the end user.


                                Sadly, there is nobody at 3DS or their subsidiaries interested in helping resolve *their* problem.

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                                  Jack Everett

                                  this link shows how to fix in windows.  3DS should fix the install and uninstall scripts to clear this registry entry!!


                                  Fix your Draftsight Activation problem | Boxer's CAD CAM Blog

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                                    Chetan Yamger

                                    Hello Every one,

                                    Last week i got Draft sight DraftSight_HotFix_2017.exe hot fix.This we need to deploy silently to our business.Any one has any idea how we can install this using silent parameter.

                                    When i am installing this my test machine Its asking popup massage.



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                                      Keith Yzquierdo

                                      I had a similar problem. I filled out the fields in the activation pop up and clicked activate, then DraftSight closed and I didn't receive any emails. I just kept trying it over and over again like a fool, and after the 10th (or so) try I got another pop up telling me to check my email. That's what worked for me.