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    Calling all PDM users

    Russ Johnston

      I'm starting to put together a proposal to implement Enterprise PDM in our company and I'm looking for your help to buid my case.  What I'd like is points on the following:


      • how has EPDM helped your company become more successful/profitable since implenting it?
      • how has EPDM helped you do your job better?
      • how has EPDM helped you enjoy your job more?
      • key features of EPDM that help with the first 3 points


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Michael Petersheim

          In addition to typical uses of EPDM such as revision control of engineering documentation, my employer has also begun using EPDM to organize all correspondence and documentation related to certain types of specific customer quote requests. That way all the relevant information is found in one place, no matter which sales office entered the information. Rather than being buried in somebody's Inbox, the information is then accessible to anyone involved in quoting, but hidden from other departments such as production. This use of EPDM is actually a workaround for quote-handling software that does not allow for the storage of attached files.

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            eric wood
            1. EPDM has forced us to become more focused and deliberate in how we solidmodel and manage our machine assemblies.
            2. The automation of tasks thru the Workflow system has reduced foot traffic around our 1M sq ft plant.
            3. Our machine shop and MFE dept now has early visibility of engineering developments, and by inserting production models into fixture assemblies, engineers have visibility of how design changes could affect fixtures.
            4. HUGE speed advantage when working on large assemblies and complex parts. Working over a network is 5X slower.
            5. SW Crashing has decreased remarkably, however, we upgraded all hardware and OS to new Dells and WIN7 64bit. Most have 8GB RAM.


            We are just getting into releasing entire products, but we hope to realize a shorter time-to-market because of the tighter collaboration between departments.


            I did the setup of our system, so please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the pitfalls.


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              eric wood

              Russ, I am curious if you implemented EPDM yet. Some other big advantages are:

              1. Leveraging the workflow tools to automate internal company processes such as Part Requests, Service Requests, etc.
              2. Using API to make smart forms that share variables with EPDM data cards. All traceable data.