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    Saved hole table template causing craches?

    Rudy Lyon

      We use numerous saved hole table templates that have worked fine in '08, '09 and '10. However, ever since moving to '11 (SP 0.0, 1.0 and now 2.0EV) using these, or any newly saved hole table template casues a crash while the table is generating..100% of the time. This occurs on all of the three workstations (XP-32 OS). I have submitted a SR for the problem. I am wondering if anyone else is struggling with this issue?

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          Nathaniel Lowe

          Just ran into this problem today. I am assuming that it has something to do with the windows updates that installed last night, however i did a rollback but the update to ms security essentials is not removable.  My problem at the moment seems to be a bit more severe... SolidWorks will crash whenever adding a hole table from ANY template.  The only way I can can add a table now is by leaving the template selection box empty then reformatting the table on every drawing.   I am going to the the full bug report through SolidWorks Rx so we'll see if anything ever gets done about this....


          If I open a drawing with the table already placed then everything is ok as long as I dont have to remove/replace the table.  I have tested this with new parts drawn from scratch just to be sure there wasnt a glitch with part translations, SW crashes everytime regardless of the part.


          EDIT:  Did some further testing and found that the crash is caused by using templates that combine tags (letters adn numbers).  I can successflully add tables from combined sizes and standard templates... but whenever i use a template that combines tags, either default or custom, SW dies.