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Cosmetic threads disappearing...why?

Question asked by 1-UIMGAK on Dec 30, 2010

Hey gang,


got a question that is similar to the others that i found about cosmetic threads, but with a slight twist.


i'm doing side work for a company and trying to clean up their work--i am a new user to Solidworks (have 7+ years of Inventor under the belt) and am learning as i go--this forum has been a big help so far!


so here's the dirt--i opened this part, saw that the guy who did it originally created his own threads in a sweep feature...very cool looking but not efficient.  i got rid of the sketch and added cosmetic threads instead--


i then created a drawing and added my views (one 3d solid view in the corner for a nice rendering of the part)....the threads show up on the part in my 3d view--i toggle back to the solid--the threads aren't showing (just the dashed ring at the end of the part)--i toggle back to the drawing, same thing--no threads showing on the 3d view.


i then go and add threads again and again....they keep going away!


my "display annotations" is checked, i have the annotations on in "tools, options, detailing...etc" --everything seems to be in order.


i assume its my crappy graphics card in the laptop, and send it off to someone with a fancier machine--he says the threads show up in all views of the drawing and on the part.   fine--i can deal with that.


he redlines the drawing, i updated the drawing and new files for him to review again, and he tells me all the threads are gone!  I'm confused now.


maybe HIS graphics card isn't up to par?


i'm using solidworks 2011 x64 edition with SP0 on a Dell Inspiron 17 laptop (was not intending to do 3d work on this machine when i bought it, so graphics wasn't on the brain)  and from what i'm told, i cant just switch out the graphics card on this thing......


attached are the files for anyone with a "real machine" who may be able to take a peek and give me some feedback