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    details revert to full view

    Bonnie Caruthers

      I have not run into this before.  For some reason 2 of my detail views keep reverting back to full views.  I can fix by going into edit sketch, click on the circle (don't rally have to do anything just let SW think I am), and then they are OK again.  They are both created from section views, but i am pretty sure I have done this before with no trouble,  It is most annoying.  Any ideas as to why?  I am popping in and out of model to view the sections from time to time but the sections are made in dwg, not model so do not see connection.


      Have 2011 on machine and is now set up on network - hoping some my issues will be fixed once I begin using it.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Can you post the part and drawing for testing on other machines?

          Which SP?  I'm running SW2011-SP2.0EV.


          Are you using suitable graphics card and driver?

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              Bonnie Caruthers

              Hi Kelvin,


              I contract for a company and to be honest don't want to upload their parts for proprietary reasons.  If it were my own stuff that would be one thing.


              All my hardware is brand new (August) and is SW certified: Quadro FX580 and have current driver.  It's a company machine that I have use of.  Sort of a sweet deal - not the typical contractor/company relationship


              The problem has not happened for the last few hours so I think it might have been related to all the section back and forth I was doing.  Not that it should be.  I am using 2010 sp4, but as soon as I am done with this project I will start using 2011.  I just don't want to midstream in case there are new things I have to get used to (still adjusting to SW) as I need to get this job out.