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Mobile Workstations w/ RealView Support

Question asked by Kendall Behnke on Dec 30, 2010
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This post is all about finding “Mobile Workstations” that have the right video chipset needed to run “RealView” graphics in SolidWorks 2010-11.


The models listed below include either the NVIDIA Quadro, or the ATI (AMD) FirePro video chipset (OpenGL); which will provide support for SolidWorks RealView graphics.



Things to keep in mind while shopping:

  • Many of these retailers have factory outlets offering discounts (I have started a list below)
  • Mobile video cards from Nvidia and ATI/AMD will have an M in the model number.
  • You are looking for Quadro, or ATI/AMD FirePro (M Series) chipsets




ThinkPad W Series

ThinkPad W510




Precision M90 - $

Precision M6500 - $1699

Precision M6400 - $

Precision M6300 - $1750

Precision M4500 - $1329

Precision M4300 - $1229

Precision M2300 - $1179




PowerGo Notebook - $1998

PowerGo XT Notebook - $2449




Elite Mobile Workstation - $

HP Compaq 8710w - $2229

HP Compaq 8510w - $1449



HP Workstation Finder Results for: > Dassault Systèmes (SolidWorks)


SolidWorks (Out of Box)

HP Z200 Workstation (Desktop) – Starts at $797

HP Z400 Workstation (Desktop) – Starts at $1060

HP 8540w Workstation (Mobile) – Starts at $2263


SolidWorks Simulation

HP Z400 Workstation (Desktop) – Starts at $1060

HP Z800 Workstation (Desktop) – Starts at $2055

HP 8540w Workstation (Mobile) – Starts at $2263


Obviously, this is only a partial list.  If you and additional mfg./model numbers that you know will support RealView graphics in SolidWorks, please reply to this post, and I will add them to this list.








Here is a link to 3 HP's that are specific "For SolidWorks Users." This is a combination of desktop's and mobile's. Just enter Dassault Systemes > Software Vendor:|smbstore