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master model technique question

Question asked by Travis Colley on Dec 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by Travis Colley

Hi there,


I'm trying to employ the master model technique using solid bodies. I did the mouse tutorial, and reviewed the Thoughts forum by Gerald Lacy.Now I'mtrying to make a two part enclosure. And I imagine with the battery cover, I should really be splitting a three body multibody. But for now. . . .


I have several layout sketches in my master part ("base model"), and I created the top and bottom enclosure part files using split, I also tried the Insert bodies Into Part method. I've saved the solid bodies as separate parts.


However, the top and bottom part files don't have any of the layout sketches carried into them. Is there a way to propagate the layout sketches as well so I can use those as references to drive bosses / holes / etc on the derived part files, using the base layout sketches? Then if I change the base model layout sketches, the features on each of the child parts will also update?