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ATI FireGL Graphics driver issues in Win7

Question asked by Jarrett Johnson on Dec 29, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2010 by Jarrett Johnson

So I'm running a FireGL V7350 card [have been for two years] it's still a relatively new card but since I've upgraded from Xp to Win7x64 I'm finding that there are no specific drivers for running this card. Looking at the list of 'close' cards it would appear that 8.723 is the closest driver of choice. I'd like to try it, but my machine has taken control of my machine and won't let me upload a new driver. I'm stuck w/ 8.56.1 for some reason. I've done an Rx and sent it to my tech guys and they show basically no video card installed [it shows a Generic Win driver under the Rx stuff, along w/ a nice big red X  ]


Anyone have any ideas as to how to get Win7 to run the driver I want? I've loaded and unloaded and re-loaded the driver [CCC software] and it loads all fine but when I go to use the driver [or check it] it still shows this 8.56.1 driver.


I'd really like to get to the bottom of this.  My Quadro card on my laptop was a synch to get working compared to this.


Used to love Win7, till now..


J. Johnson