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CSWP examination and sample test

Question asked by Andrew Mattocks on Dec 29, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2010 by Deepak Gupta

I just noticed that there is a free test code for the CSWP or CSWA and another for a specific area of choice - eg: Surfacing, sheet metal etc. Available for subscription customers until the end of the year ( well that's what it say's on my login anyway!). Might be useful for someone.


Anyway, I have been meaning to get the CSWP qualification for a while and tried a couple of years back. I failed marginally if I remember, but the worst thing was the limited time available.


I have just done the CSWP-Core sample here and managed fine but I really struggled on time. It says that if you can get 4 out of 5 answers correct in 30 mins you stand a good chance of passing the test.


I have been using SW since for 4-5 years and I-deas before that since 1997.


So for those with some experience of these tests I would value your opinions/comments:


- In the real test, is there really 3 times as much modelling or work to do than the 5 questions in the sample test? (Test = 1 block model with linked dims/equations - 3 variations, then several changes & 2 new variants). I'm not asking for details - just an idea of the amount of work as I understand the first part of the actual test is 90mins.


- I am wondering if I am really slow, although I got the answers right, I took double the time to do the whole paper. Would be a good idea to do the CSWA first as a lead in?


Many thanks for your thoughts.