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Total noob question: edge flange intersects itself, the proper way please?

Question asked by Rik Pardun on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2010 by Joe Macy

Hi all,


I am very new to solid works and am fumbling my way through while on the clock on active projects.  I have visited most of the web help sites, the tutorials, and my handy dandy 2009 bible but I haven't found the answer to this particular question.  If this has been asked a thousand times already, my apologies and please point me to the posts and I will be eternally greatful.


So my work is almost exclusively sheet metal.  Mostly 1U rack mount type of enclosures.  I find that I want to fold edges in a lot and if its a case where I can move the fold in the thickness of the side then there aren't any problems but sometimes, they need to be on the same plane and what I want to do is trim back the side flange so that it won't interfere with the folded section.  I don't want a miter for very specific reasons but I can't figure out how to trim the flange.


I assume that one way to skin this cat would be to create a geometry on the base flange and used a sketched bend or something but to tell you the truth, I haven't been able to get sketched bends to work how I expect them too 100% of the time.  I really like the ease in which I can create and edit with the edge flange tool but it always uses the whole edge.  Can I make it use less than the whole edge?


I hope there is enough info here.  What is the correct way to go about this problem?


Thanks in advance.