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Routing only works partially or not at all

Question asked by Sean MacNeil on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2011 by Anthony Read

See Attached jpg.  Start route at a fitting, then add same fitting on other side of a bracket (or just space) and add the connection point to route.  We get an unconstrained sketch that will not create a pipe.  In SW10 SP4 & SW11 SP EV1 this works.  SW10 SP5 and SW11 SP1 and SP EV2 this does not work.  SW11 has some saving issues as well, so until that is fixed not a big deal.  The SW10 SP5 is what I really would like information on.


The jpg is trying the same scenario with SW tutorial components in the Myskid assembly.  Have a call into the VAR, and posting this issue hoping someone out here might have run into this already.  Anyone lucky enough to have run into this?  Any possible solutions?


The 2nd more annoying issue is when deleting a route SW seems to "hang" on to it and creating another route from the same fitting, whether on another subassembly or just as another part - is not allowed.


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