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My SWW2011 modo Session - what do you want to see?

Discussion created by Paul McCrorey on Dec 28, 2010

As I am contemplating my Solidworks World session on modo rendering/animation over the next few days I thought I'd get some input from you as to what you'd like to see.  There is limited time during the session so I want to make it really count.


The session is called:

Solidworks to Modo: Take Your Renders/Animations to Another Level


and is on Wednesday 1/26 at 10:30 (as of now).


Here are a some items that I am thinking - let me know if any of these stand out or if there are other things you'd like to see:


  • High level look at texturing, rendering, decaling, lighting, animating
  • In-depth look at texturing, materials (medium level user)
  • In-depth look at Animating (medium level user)
  • High level over of the modo UI
  • How do I do 'this' in modo? "Mating", "UI", "decals",etc
  • Run through an example animation project workflow drawing from some I've worked on this year - See this link for examples
  • <Insert Your Thought Here>


I have thought about animating a robot arm. Thought about animating a model from 3D content central such as a large catepillar construction vehicle.  Also - if you have any cool model suggestions, I'd love to know about them as well.


This session will only briefly touch on how to import models into modo as this will be covered in more detail on my other modo session jointly presented with Rob Rodriguez


Solidworks to Modo: What's in the kit?



I would love to hear your input...



Thanks in advance,




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