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No RealView Graphics on Laptop?

Question asked by Kendall Behnke on Dec 26, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2017 by Mike McMillan

Happy Holidays Gang,


I know there have probably been, several hundred threads started concerning ‘RealView’ Graphics and SolidWorks.  I apologize for starting another one, but it seems that most of the discussions are usually specific to each incident, rather than a general discussion (unless I missed it).


Anyway, my concern is with a SAMSUNG RF710 laptop.  This laptop was considered a ‘gaming’ laptop, so I expected it would be able to handle SolidWorks ‘RealView’ Graphics.  No such luck.


Any ideas?


Is there a setting I need to enable?


Thanks everyone,





Here are the specs of my machine:


PC:  Samsung RF710 S02 Laptop


OS:  Windows 7 Home Premium (Samsung Installed) 64-Bit


CPU:  Intel  i7  720QM  1.60Ghz


Memory:  4GB Ram


Video Chipset:  Onboard (Built-in) NVIDEA Geforce GT 330M ; 1GB gDDR3 ;  (Driver Version:


Generic PnP Monitor


Windows Experience Index 5.9



Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.