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    Disappearing View

    Do Brach

      Hello Everybody


      I have a question concerning  location to put the 'drawing'.  I'm not sure if this is true or not--but wanted to confirm;  if your drawing is put in a different folder separate from your parts, your parts in the 'drawing' will disappear? I have a recuring problem where my drawing views disappeared, please see attachement.




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          Lenny Bucholz

          yes you need to save as to the new folder then delet the one in the other..... think of it as you moved and forgot to forward your address

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            Wayne Tiffany

            Moving your drawing is not necessarily a bad thing and you have a couple ways to recover.


            One way is that when you open the drawing it should ask you if you want to find the models.  If you don't get that prompt, then you may have dismissed it.  Go to the Advanced tab of the options and check the box for that one, and then it will come back.


            The other way is in the File/Open dialog box.  Select your drawing file and then hit the References button at the bottom and tell it what models to use.



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              Jerry Steiger



              If you move the drawing using Microsoft Explorer, it is probably not going to know where to find the part the next time you open the drawing. If the part and drawing were in the same folder, then the next time you open the drawing in its new folder, it will look for the part in the new folder as well. If you have the drawing open and save it to a new location, then it will keep its link to the part and will open properly from the new location. (But be careful, as you may now have two copies of the drawing.) If you move the drawing using SW Explorer, then I believe it will know to change the link and the drawing will open properly.


              It's best not to move files around using  Microsoft Explorer. Be especially careful about having multiple copies of files in different folders. It's easy for SW to pick the wrong files.


              Jerry Steiger