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    Solidworks crashes after mesh generation

    Masayuki Honchi

      I run Solidworks 2010 SP4 simulation on Windows 7 64 bits. It sometimes crashes after mesh is generated.

      After mesh is generate, mesh generation dialog is white out and no response.

      It seems that Solidworks are waiting to write a file to store mesh data. But the file access isn't available.

      The user has full control privilege to the folder.


      Does anyone has same experience?

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          Ryan Werner

          Where are you saving the results file?  If you are saving it over a network or something than sometimes it won't work because the time to write the file takes too long.  Try to always save things to your hard drive.


          Ryan W.

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              Masayuki Honchi

              Thank you for your advice.

              Local HDD folder is set as result file directory. But I will check if there is any file which is on the network drive or not.


              It seems that OS protects to write/ovewrite the files.

              It seems that windows 7 file access control is a little complex. Even  though file property GUI says that I have write privilege to the file,  it may not always true.

              Therefore, I ran commands of takeown and icacls to get file/folder ownership and get fullcontrol privilege.


              I will test If the above windows file system access privilege re-definition works or not. (Though there is no perfect test to reproduce the error)


              I hope Solidworks simulation will notice if it can't write data within certain duration instead of hung up.

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              Anthony Botting

              I seem to recall a real bug in x64 edition of Simulation on Windows 7 x64 - it would crash during mesh generation depending on the path length to the model and working files. You can test this very easily by moving the model files (and associated working/results directory) to a top-level position on the drive (to obtain a relatively short path length), such as C:/work. Then open SolidWorks Simulation and the model from that location. This has cured the problem for all who have tried it (it may be fixed now in the current service pack).

              Also we've had good experience with both AVG antivirus (there is a free version for personal use) and MSE: Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free for personal use (and free for businesses up to 10 pc's). We have not had to turn-off the antivirus to run Simulation with either of these solutions. We did have a customer who had major problems with TrendMicro antivirus. Hope these tips can help. -Tony