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How to eliminate warning message about read only files...

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2010 by Wayne Tiffany

Tired of getting the following warning message when I open an assembly...


pdm warning.bmp

When I open an assembly I get similar message to the above regarding referenced files.  The referenced files are not checked out, I know that, and I am not intending to modify.  Why this message?  Is there a setting in Solidworks or EPDM which I can set so I don't get this message any more.


The Do no show this message again only pertains to the curent opening of the file so please do not suggest that.


Using Solidworks 2007 and EPDM 2008 but this should apply to any version of SW/EPDM I would think.


Thanks, Tim...