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Macro Enabled Worksheets Not Supported

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Dec 22, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2010 by Matt Krafft

To be Honest I am pretty upset finding this today. I had been working with my VAR and SW waiting on a solution. Its been a month and I am still waiting to hear from SW as to why and how I can get around this problem.


Problem: When I put VBA code, or add buttons to my worksheet then close out the Design Table and reopen it... all the code and code for the buttons are gone and nothing works from a VBA standapoint.


This was the question I had been waiting for an answer on for weeks. I gave up and sat down with it yesterday and found the problem yesterday afternoon. As it turns out in Office 2007 MS released 2 separate work sheet styles Macro-Enabled and Standard Worksheets. Solidworks only allows users to use Standard Worksheets which does not allow the use of VBA code within them. In past version of Office this was not a problem and I made some killer Design Table Spread sheets that really made things easy for the users, but now I can't because we use Office 2007 and SW has limited everyone to only use these cheap crappy standard excel Worksheets.


I got in today thinking I will insert my own macro enabled worksheet... nope the only option is *.xlsx, which is the standard worksheet. *.xlsm is the Macro Enabled Worksheet.


As I was writing this post I got a call from my VAR and Solidworks. Turns out this is a limitation SPR# 548310. I hope they fix this soon and within SW 2011 so when we upgrade to 2011 in June/July I will be able to use this functionality, since SW should have been supporting it since the release of Microsoft Office 2007.


If you use Design Tables or any type of VBA coding in your worksheets, please submit this to your VAR or SW and get this issue moved up the list. This functionality can and is very limiting for not only myself, but anyone that tries to use it. Its a brick wall, that not only myself but others have not been able to get around.


Purchasing Driveworks or the SPN software is not an option, not only because of the cost for each user (100+ users here), but also because SW is Microsoft Compliant and this functionality should already exist.


Thanks for reading and I hope you submit this bug!


Best Regards,

Scott Baugh, CSWP

CAD Administrator / Design Engineer