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Convert a SolidWorks Assembly into a MindMap

Discussion created by Marc Smith on Dec 21, 2010
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If you have ever used a MindJet MindManager map before, you know it's awesome ability to brainstorm and organize.  Putting that SolidWorks assembly into a MindMap with thumbnails, attachments, hyperlinks and custom properties (like task information) is great but way too much work to be useful. 


The ProjectSchema software now allows you to do the same in seconds.  You can


  • configure any custom properties to come out on a map as Tags or Icons
  • maintain Task Information in SolidWorks and have it come out in MindManager - then switch to a Gantt Chart view
  • attach eDrawings to each topic in a map, which allows 3D rotatable views of your parts within the MindManager browser window
  • visualize suppressed models and broken links


Click the link above to see how it can be used in your workflow to save time by doing a lot of the needed work outside of SolidWorks

CENTERING JIG organic.jpg