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    block issue

    Bonnie Caruthers

      I am having an issue that is driving me nuts and wasting my time.  I'm sure there is a simple answer but I cannot find it.


      I have set of notes that I have made into a block in drawing A named it  X (part-info)


      I bring it into drawing B, edit it, save it with a new name Y (x1472).


      I open drawing C, bring in block Y but I get X!!!


      this is what the block tree looks like




      How do I get block Y to take on changes?  They are all in correct folder.




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          Scott McFadden

          Hi Bonnie,

          Try this method because this is what I do.


          Create your block, RC on it and select "Make Block"


          This has now created a block that only exists in this drawing.

          Now RC on it again and select "Save Block"


          This will save it yto your hard drive so the name will always be the same no matter

          what drawing you bring it into.

          Hope this solves your dilema and brings you back to a happy girl!!! 

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            Deepak Gupta

            Where did you saved your intial block??


            The tree should not look like this until you combined both of them in single block.

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                Bonnie Caruthers

                Hi Deepak,


                I saved it to a directory on my HD where i keep all my blocks and have my options set to go to that directory.  I'm connected over a VPN for work but do not save all the blocks there b/c some of them are either temporary or ones I will keep changing.  I don't put them there until they are final and the engineers, etc can have access.


                I guess when I edited Part-Info the first time I must have nested it.  ProE did not do this, you would just update or not update the symbol/block in each drawing (as an option).  I am just still getting used to some things in SW.