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big bend angle mistake

Question asked by Mark Aranovich on Dec 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by Bernie Daraz

Hi Everybody


I have problem with big bend angle.


As you see from attached file - it 20 degree angle, and SW don't want to unbend it...


Material- 16GA Stainless Steel (0.063") , as per my tables- for this material bend deduction- 0.1

When I put it- SW mark bend like mistake..

Wrote to SW support - receive answer :

"The only solution is to change the inputs for calculating the bend.

In this case  it would be changing input for Bend allowance by either inputting a different  value for Bend Deduction or using a different option such as K-Factor.

Increasing the Bend radius would also allow the bend to work. Adjusting material  thickness may be a different option. "

Tried to switch from BD to k-factor (0.44) - not working

Tried to chage radius from 0.03 to 0.0625 (that tools which I have in metal shop)- same result.

Idea to adjust material thikness becouse SW can't calculate it is even not funny.


Please, let m eknow if somebody have REAL solution for this problen. I think, I'm not oly one , who need bend differnt , than 90 degree...

I need to receive real flat pattern, if I put numbers from the air SW will eliminate mistake, but flat pattern will be wrong...