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    Disappearing Act

    Charles Reicherrt

      Hello Everybody,

      I have two machines:

      1. 32-bit Vista Home Premium
      2. 64-bit Windows 7 Professional


      When I "hover" over an assembly or part with the mouse pointer, the item will disappear from view in the Win7; however, not with the Vista machine...it's really annoying. Try mating when you cant see the object!  Does anybody else have this problem?

      Also, I have 2010 Student Edition




      Mating when you can't see the object...well, you know what I mean.

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          Scott McFadden


          Have you tried restarting your machine?


          Did this just start happening or was there a turning point like a fresh install or

          upgrade that happened.

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            Charles Culp

            Sounds like a hardware/driver issue with your video card. What's your specs on both?

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              Alejandro Carrillo



              If your motherboard has a "built-in video card" that was disabled to use the NVidia card, try using the built-in with the SW drivers, sometimes using a general purpose video card works better than using one that was designed for gaming and not for CAD software. This way you may not need to buy neither a new graphics card nor a new PC.



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                Charles Reicherrt

                Thank you all for your answers.

                The problem with getting another video card is this computer is a laptop, so as you all know, its not a simple matter of just "plugging" in another card.  Also, the reason why I'm hooked on NVidea cards is simply because NVidea offers: "Digital Vibrance" which apparently ATI, and the others don't; for those of you who don't know, Digital Vibrance is fantastic...it's a deal breaker.

                My old Vista 32bit machine basically has the same NVidea card and the same driver as the Windows7 64bit computer, the difference is SW works on Vista 32bit, not on Window7 64bit.  I believe the problem is 32bit vs 64bit, because I've also had other problems with programs that do not like 64bit compared to 32bit.

                The Windows7 64bit definately has its problems because let's face it, it's Microsoft, and the number one rule is Microsoft sucks...it always has.  Overall, Windows 7, I feel is far better than Vista, it's faster, and offers a much more stable, robust platform...but, it does have its problems.

                What I've decided to do is simply use the old Vista machine, it works.

                Another note, the Windows 7 64bit machine will not open SW files from outside the SW program; I must open SW's first, and then open my SW files.  Vista 32bit is not like this, I can open any SW file from my desktop (or anywhere) and it executes SW; I do not need to load SW first, and then find my file.  So, once again, I have success with the 32bit platform and not 64bit; so that's what I'll keep doing, working with the 32bit system.

                Glad I didn't sale my Vista machine.

                Thanks for the help


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                  Sal Padilla

                  I have the same problem.


                  I upgraded to 2010 SP4 Professional and tried updating my video driver but It still happens from time to time.

                  (I haven't tried transfering the license to my laptop to see if it is truely a driver problem)


                  I just suffer and delete the view which delete deail views, then redo it.


                  I shouldn't have to do this but I just need to move forward.