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Qty custom property in part, from assembly

Question asked by Seth Renigar on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Rob Adair

I know this has been asked several times before.  I think I even asked this 6-7 years ago, to no avail.  But I just wanted to put it out here again just in case someone has developed a macro or method to do this recently.


Basically, I need a automated way to add a Quantity custom property to parts, transversed from the assembly quantity.  I have to show the quantity required on each part drawing, that's used in an assembly.  Right now I have to do this manually.  I understand that generally this idea doesn't make any sense.  However, when designing molds, each of the custom parts are unique to the mold assembly they were designed for anyway.  So having a Quantity custom property in the parts, driven from the assembly, is not that big of a deal in this case.  This custom property would only be linked to, from the part drawing, not the assembly drawing.


Ideally, if I had a macro that would traverse through an assembly, and write a Quantity custom property to the part files based on the quantity in the assembly, that would be perfect.  It would be even better if this could be a macro feature.  However, that may put too much on the system for every rebuild though.


The only caveat would be the common parts that ARE used in multiple assemblies, such as fasteners.  This is not that big of a deal for me.  First off, those libraries are set to read only.  So no property could be added.  But even if they were not set to read only, the only place this custom property will be linked to, is from a part drawing.  And I'll never create a part drawing of common purchased parts.  So what if these common parts contain a quantity custom property that might change with every assembly.  That wouldn't hurt my feelings none.


So, has anyone come up with a solution to this in the last few years?