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    Robot movements simulation

      Does anyone know if we can do programming for a robot movement (with three degrees of freedom)  where the robot has to follow a certain pattern?

      I am working on scheduling a robot moves in robotic cell with four machines in circular layout with the robot in the middle. thanks

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          may be you can try with the macros if u know how to use them. probably with some knowledge of visual basic u can do it i suppose.

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            Alessandro Tornincasa

            Hi Nabil,

            I think that SolidWorks Motion would allow you to study such Motion.


            If you know the pattern, you can draw it, and then use the path mate in order to have the robot follow it. Then with SW 2011 you can use the new Path mate motor in order to have the robot move by folllowing that path. Then you can create graphs to plot by what angle each joint is rotating, or how much traslation there is in prismatic joints.


            Another approach would be the event based motion: a movement can start, and then end when a proximity sensor feels that the robot arm has approached a certain componet. But event based motion is available only in SolidWorks Simulation Professional and SolidWorks Simulation Premium.