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Having issues mirroring large assemblies

Question asked by droc donkey on Dec 16, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by Ivan Carrasco

When creating a mirror of a large assembly, I want to create opposite hand versions for some components and just copy/orientate other components that do not need a RH/LH version.


This issue is that when I use the mirror command with an assembly with ~350 parts, some of the sub-assemblies can be mirrored show in the preview (yellow transparent), but not all.  The same thing goes for the list that is used when selecting wich components should be copied/orientated and which components should be mirrored.


There's a descrepency between both the preview, component list, and final mirrored asssembly.


I can assure that it does not have anything to do with memory (12 GB ram, 64-bit).


The command does work with the same components when mirrored at the sub-assembly level.


Any assisstance would be helpful.