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Discussion created by Samu Niveri on Dec 15, 2010
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This has been discussed earlier on some threads but wanted to start another one specific for the tool. The idea is for this tool to drive configuration parameters somewhat similar as Design Tables altough there is some differences between Design Table and SPN-ConfigurationDesigner functionality. Differences in SPN-ConfigurationDesigner are:


- Instead of Excel you can use or LibreOffice

- You can drive materials

- You can drive assembly subcomponents

- You can not get "locked by design table" functionality for properties or dimensions, SPN-ConfigurationDesigner only makes dimensions read-only if needed


Tool itself is nowadays add-in and you can add/access the spreadsheet by right clicking in the model space and selecting "Add/edit ConfigurationDesigner spreadheet". There is no other menus available in ConfigurationDesigner, so your SolidWorks main menu will be clean and used for other apps.


You can see more details at:


Any feedback would be nice so I could develop it further. You can send me bug reports, feature requests, etc with email, or commenting here, or even sending a post to SPN-Technologies forum. Thanks for everyone who has been helping me out on this project


EDIT: Link updated