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Hidden Line Color in eDrawings

Question asked by Charlie Bates on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Hardik Desai

Is there a way to change the hidden line color in eDrawings when opening *.slddrw file?


The company I work for has an individual seat of SW, and we are using eDrawings so that management can open and print drawings as needed for the shop floor.

If I take the time to export all of my drawings as eDrawings, there is no problem (the drawings show up in eDrawings exactly as they did in SW, including line color).


However, if someone opens a *.slddrw file through eDrawings, everything looks the same except for the hidden lines (which come in as a very light grey color and are very hard to read on the print).


This is a pet peeve of my owner, who wants the hidden line to be dark green. Since we only have one seat, and I am the only one modifying drawings, It would be great to eliminate the need to export all my drawings, especially since they are constantly being updated.


Thanks in advance for the help.