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    Autodesk Alias Design 2011 for Inventor: Curves Ahead!

    Alessandro Frattini





      ICEM is the best in class for surface and it was buy by Dassault.

      An addon as 3DVia Composer for SolidWorks will be very interesting.

      What do you think about this new ?

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          Charles Culp

          An interesting approach. I'm unconvinced of its abilities to "create C2 surfaces", it looks like it merely creates single faces that are C2. The pudding is in transitions between multiple surfaces, which neither of those quick demos even approached. In the last one on vimeo it even showed using a regular fillet to transition between two surfaces, instead of a real surface transition. Regardless, that looks like an easy interface for non-fully C2 models.

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              Alessandro Frattini

              Hi Charles,

              honestly, I've included this news to reflect on a different aspect.
              Autodesk products are integrating with each other and this is an example.
              Siemens PLM shares PLM technology, ST technology, sheet metal environment, FEM and others between CAD (NX and SE).
              PTC with CoCreate acquisition will merge in Creo two philosophies.
              Dassault shares something with SolidWorks ?
              3DVIA Composer ?
              Given the big cost of 3DVia Composer, they use the SolidWorks portfolio clients to sell some license.
              It's been two years since the release of CATIA V6 and ENOVIA V6.
              Know any customer who use it ?
              In Italy no.
              In Europe in automotive Industry, no.
              In America ?
              With SolidWorks Connect product with ENOVIA V6 technology, use the SolidWorks customer portfolio to test and development a technology ever introduced and take home some pennies on an investment of years without income.
              A couple of years ago, SolidWorks Labs had integrated a product for Mold, very interesting, developed by ImpactXoft.
              The project was abandoned because it was added to CATIA.

              I hope that in the long term we will see the benefits of being part of the Dassault family, because until now I do not think it has helped SolidWorks.

              SolidWorks has become what it is, thanks to the minds present in SolidWorks Corp., not the French minds.

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                Harold Brunt

                If SW were to take a similar approach, would that provide a more accurate surface when needed for non-ID applications like optical surfaces? There is an Add-In that I see once in a while called Geometryworks3D but it has a lot of other features that I don't need and it is typically a couple of revisions behind (from what I gather on their site). If an Add-In could be offered that would allow for nM resoultion of the surface, I'd be all for it although I'd prefer to be able to create surfaces within the SW interface.

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                    Alessandro Frattini

                    SolidWorks is a mid-range CAD,then can't have surface tool as Catià or NX or Creo Elements/Pro.

                    The vertical solutions are made by Solution Partner or Gold Partner with extra cost.

                    For surfaces, solidThinking and Rhinoceros are the solution.

                    But why Dassault doesn't implement ICEM as addon for SolidWorks ?

                    3DVia Composer is an addon for SolidWorks and Catià with extra cost.

                    I think that an ICEM add-on for SolidWorks will be sold very well to SolidWorks customer, but maybe can be destructive for Catià.

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                        Matthew Perez

                        Ive been an Inventor user since 06 and an autodesk users since 96 or so(off and on).  I also used NX for a few revisions(nx4 and nx5 mostly).  Obviously NX is a professional grade software with professional complications   It has every tool you could ever want to use.


                        I have always been impressed with Autodesk's transfer of info.  They really do a great job.  Specifically in this regard taking Alias surfaces into Inventor and then on to things like Algor for analysis.  In my experience the transfer was One way but since i started using SW in early 09 i have done very little with autodesk products or NX.  I really feel SW is creaping up to that line and hopefully will one day cross it to become an all encompassing software.  I love surfacing in SW but at some point if it crosses into being a full on surfacing suite like alias the tools will be overwhelming to most users.  Maybe a setup of "roles" like NX uses would allow designers to log into their SW license as a Surfacer to open up a host of curvature and surface options.


                        All the options in the world wont matter if the person at the helm can't use them though   I think SW does a great job and can't wait to see what the future holds.