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    Import Inventor to SolidWorks insite Enterprise PDM

    Barry Stump

      We have an issue importing Inventor 2009 models into SolidWorks 2010 SP 4.0 (x64 on W7) when inside Enterpise PDM.  Either you can't select or it locks up.  We do not have this issue when the inventor files are outside of EPDM.  Any insights?

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          Raguraman Thulasiraman



          Since I am not able to completely understand your question, I am giveing following feedback as an overall idea


          When you are trying to migrate the Inventor data into EPDM you need to check the IPJ (Inventor Project Files) settings and ensure that all the references (Parent - child) relations ships are intact. Then it should not be a problem to open in EPDM. If there is some reference issues then you will have problem in opening the files in EPDM. You also need to check, whether the IPJ is used as Single user concept or shared user concept. If it is single user concept, then there is no issues. If it is shared user concept, then you need to get some assistance from some consulting firm to handle this.


          The other issues is, Inventor has it's own vault and all the files will be stored in that vault. If the files are not properly check out in the inventor vault and if you migrated the files into EPDM, then you will face some issues. If you have more no of files in Inventor vault and you want to migrate all of them into EPDM first you need to check out all the files from Inventor vault. It's very difficult to find manually which files are not check out. For that please approach your Inventor VAR for getting an utility to handle this issues. If you run this utility, it will run as a batch process and makes all the files are properly checked out from the Inventor vault. After that, you can migrate the files into EPDM then it should work fine.


          Hope this will give some idea for you. Unless we have some better idea about your issues, it will be difficult to address it.