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Custom Properties aggro

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Dec 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

The change in SW'11 to have an "apply" button for the custom properties must be wanted by some but I must admit...... I really don't like it.


I took us a while to find the property tab builder.  Once we did I set it up and within a day we were using it to enter the necessary data in the title block on drawings. We were very used to selecting the data there and not having to double check it especially since we had set it up with lists just so that we didn't have to re-enter the same data sheet after sheet, drawing after drawing but just select out of a small pre-determined list.


NOW we have to fill it out and press apply because we must be made to verify that the method we used to quickly enter the date with is slowed down so that we really want to apply the changes that we just all entered and selected. Oh, and to really make sure it gets overlooked, let's put it at the top so that when one use it one is further hindered by putting it in the least logical place to put it.


All in all it will mean that it will cause lots of errors and fustration because on top of it all, once you close the Custom Properties it forget any changes that you made that you didn't apply. So you make some changes, don't appy, you see it, you make them again, forget to do the apply, re-enter them again, get disturbed (phone call - someone needs help), close the custom properties, not yet having done apply, come back to it, re-enter data, hit the apply button.


I must admit that at times like that I wonder what will be next... perhaps we can have a button that we have to click to verify that we really want to place a smart dimension, while your at it make it a verification button that appears in the lower left hand of the screen. After all, selecting a command, using the command and expecting a result of a command without prior verification that we really really want to do that would be sooooo unprofessional. *stare*


Can the apply and reset buttons have a valid use, probably, but why does it have to be shoved down all our throats without the option to opt out?

If there is a way to remove that button, then I'm all ears.


</end rant>