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zooming with scroll in assemblies.

Question asked by David Nolan on Dec 13, 2010

Yesterday I updated to SP.5 2010. This morning I noticed a very annoying problem. While in an assembly, if I click in space (not on a part) and use the scroll wheel on the mouse, the page will zoom in and out just fine. But if I had inadvertanly (or on purpose) clicked on any part, the screen would zoom, but you wouldn't be able to see what it was doing until you stopped. Some times there would be a little tiny picture in the picture that would show a portion of the zoom process.

Then I remembered I did one more thing. I changed my windows 7 64, from a dynamic desktop where the pictures change and windows has all the fancy movements to a static blue screen. When I switched back to a dynamic screen, the problem with SW went away.

Doesn't seem right that if I set the computer up to NOT use the extra resources it takes to do all the fancy stuff, that SW wouldn't like it.

I never had SW crash, but it is very annoying when you are trying to see where your zooming to.