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Property Mapping: OLE options for Word, Excel - any success stories?

Question asked by Aaron Kennison on Dec 13, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by Jesse Seger

For years Workgorup PDM vault administration has included the ability to (in theory) map PDM values to Office (Word, Excel) properties.  I have never gotten this to work, nor do I know anyone who has.  Are there any users who could describe how to successfully implement this feature?  I'd like to push the Revision (controlled by the PDM Vault) into Word documents (in the Custom Properties) and onto the face of the document itself, for files checked into and out of the vault.  I've added the custom properties and docproperty fields to the document, but they are ignored by PDM (or vis-versa). In other words, they never update, and hitting F9 to refresh doesn't help.






Aaron Kennison