Colorado UG meeting 04/09/06

Discussion created by Guest on Mar 31, 2006
Caleb has posted his speaker’s notes and sample models for his presentation on using multibody parts to create single body parts that reference back to the parent part. This is a fascinating look at a technique for top-down modeling. Download your copy from

At the February meeting the Pop Quiz questions took a few people by surprise. John E. has suggested that we ask our membership to send in questions and that we share those questions before the meeting. Fore warned is fore armed. Since our last email blast about this, we’ve received the following questions:

When creating a sketch for a new feature on a part within an assembly, how do I get the sketch to reference specific edges on other parts in the assembly and avoid others?

I have a question about Mold design. From what I understand, when doing a mold split in SW you create all parting line surfaces and shut off surfaces in the actual part file. The question is, when your customer sends you a new part file, (possibly a step file) how do update your mold design? Do you have to start over?

Mates frequently break in my assemblies. I find it is easy to simply remake the mates (if I need them) and ignore the unresolved mates since they don’t do anything anyway. Am I committing some kind of CAD sin?

It is not too late! If you have a question that you would like to have reviewed before the meeting, email it to

Get 04/06/06 meeting details at . In addition to Caleb’s presentation, Ken is going to dazzle us with information about viscous metal forming – a very hot topic!