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Redesign of Mouse Gestures Customization UI

Discussion created by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Dec 9, 2010
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I'd like to begin by saying that mouse gestures are one of the greatest features SolidWorks has come out with recently.  My modelling speed has improved dramamtically, and I hardly ever touch the keyboard anymore (especially coupled with a spaceball).  However, I'd like to start a conversation about redesigning the UI where the gestures are actually set.  In my opinion, this UI is designed completely backwards, and makes me hesitate when I ever feel like changing a setting.


Currently, you're given a list of every possible command, and asked to set a gesture direction based on the model context (i.e. sketch, part, assembly, or drawing).  To do this, you usually have to search for the command you want, and cannot see which commands you already have assigned.  On multiple occasions I have set the right-gesture to Smart dimension, only to discover late I had already assigned it to the left-gesture.  Also, when you select the option to print your gesture settings, SolidWorks prints the ENTIRE list, including commands not assigned to a gesture.  I assume the print command is available so you can hang a page of commands next to your monitor, to help you familiarize yourself with the gestures you've set.  The full-list format doesn't help at all.


Now, here's how it should work:


Instead of a list, show us a representation of the gesture wheel (what pops up when you left-click and swipe in the graphics area). Since there are 4 contexts, show the in-focus wheel larger, and the other wheels small, or in the background (so we can see what gestures have been set in the other contexts, in order to keep some gestures consistent between contexts). When selecting commands to assign, organize them better, perhaps with multiple levels of heirarchy. (For example, one dropdown lists 'Sketch Entities', 'Surfacing Tools', 'Standard Views', etc, and the next dropdown lists the individual commands in each section.)  To assign a command to a gesture, simply click the gesture space, select the command from the dropdowns, and click 'Assign.'  Also, allow moving and copying of commands from wheel to wheel.  And of course, print the commands in this wheel view, so it's more useful for figuring out what you actually have assigned.


It should look something like this:


Gesture UI.png



My 2 cents, what do you think?