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    Problem with DWG import

      I am trying to extract some dimensions from an inserted DWG, but the dimensions I add do not match the known dimensions in the DWG.


      For example, a dimension marked 3.5 in the DWG shows as 2.917 when I add the dimension(see attached).  Is there any way to proportion/scale the drawing to fix this?


      Btw, the same inconsistency happens in DWG editor as well.

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          John Kreutzberger

          Are you just trying to edit a 2d file in SW? That is not one of SW's strengths. I have not used it, but there is a download available for something called the 2d editor that you may try.


          Many years ago when I started designing molds with my first CAD platform (cadkey) I very quickly learned not to trust geometry from DWG files generated by ACAD. I have never used it, but it must be very easy for the user to over-ride an actual dimension and simply key something in. SW added this `capability' a few releases ago-probably to satisfy former ACAD users. I rarely use it and when I do it is just to deal with rounding issues so that a stack of dimensions will add up.


          The discrepancy you show is pretty gross. Perhaps the geomery was scaled by some factor before export.

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            Scott McFadden


            If you are saying what I think you are saying, it sounds like when the drawings was imported the

            scale wasn't what it should have been.  Try it again at 0.8334 (2.917/3.5) and see if that gives you

            what you are looking for.

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              Lenny Bucholz

              if all the dimensions are wrong the scale came in wrong. If only a few are wron the person who craeted the DWG just overroad them to fit their needs!!


              I alwasy creat a new SW part and make a new drawing that works in SW. als when they make DWG the do an extent window to pick for printing or saving, because most of the time they draw 1 to 1unlike SW make the views scaledto fit the seat of paper just like the old days of drawing on the board with a pencil and triangle scale for the correct view scale.