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Strange Behavior in Texture Mapping

Question asked by Bilal Junaid on Dec 9, 2010

Hello everyone,


This seems to be a problem in the SolidWorks user interface for texture mapping, where if a model is resized in SW via a transformation or an adjustment to the dimensions which would result in a different bounding box, then the texture uses the old bounding box to determine the tiling of the texture instead of the new one. If you reapply the texture only the model, then it uses the new bounding box of the model. Basically, what happens is that we can see two different texture maps with the exact same parameters and dimensions on a model. In order to see this, I have attached the file sphericalTest.sldprt, and the following instructions can be followed to be able to see 2 different textures using the same parameters and model:


In the sphericalTest.sldprt file I attached, go to the texture options and you will see that the projection icon's width and length are 251 and 125 respecitely. Now exit the texture UI, and resize the sphere's radius from 40 mm to 20 mm.


Now view the texture options again and do 'Fit width and height to selection'. The projection icon should resize to 125 and 62, and then click the check button. You will see the texture tiling 4 times vertically and horizontally. Now click on the appearance icon on the right vertical toolbar, and you will see the option of 'Color' and 'texture'. Drag 'texture' onto the model to reapply the texture on it. Now go to the texture UI options again and do 'Fit width and height to selection'. The icon resizes to 125 and 62 again, but this time, it only tiles once in the vertical and horizontal directions.


The above shows two different texture maps with the exact same texture UI options. The reason the texture tiled several times in the first selection of 125 mm and 62 mm for the icon was because the icon was smaller, but it was still being compared to the old larger bounding box of the 40 mm sphere, so it ended up tiling. However, when the texture was reapplied, the icon's size was now being compared to the sphere with the smaller radius, so it did not tile when the icon was 'Fitted' to the model.


Is there any solution to this, or is this just a bug that needs to be fixed? Because I am trying to map over texture projection from SolidWorks, but this is an unexpected behavior that I do not know how to handle.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.