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Getting stared with CW... "Got the board, where are my components"!?!

Question asked by Wil Stillens on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2011 by Nebojsa Bajovic

Hi Everyone,


I need help with CircuitWorks. We have had the add-in for some time and have not used it. One of our electronics guys made a beautiful file in eagle cad pro, and I want to import it into SW. Now I have never used CW before so please bare with me...


Should I open it through the CW tab or the regular file open and is there a difference? (please don't judge me on stupid questions:)


Whatever the open menu, I see an IDB file (do I need this IDL or IDF that I have read in all your posts?), (should I ask the Electronics guy to export differently)


When I open this IDB file, what do I do next (again sorry, newbie here). The CW small window opens up, and I see my board in all it's glory. (Do I drop in the components at this point? Or does eagle cad do that? Also do I have a library or do I need to make one? If I click on the Library button i get some parts that reside on my computer?Do I need this IDF or IDL at this point?)


It seems I do not have many options other than just creating the board (which is massive, 2000 holes)... so when click the build model button it makes a supper thick board 11in x 7in x 6in thk, It is suppose to be .125in thk. I know I can just dbl click on it and adj the thickness to what I need, but what gives?


I will take whatever help I can get.