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    Why can't I redefine a 3d sketch to a curve that is un-absorbed?

    mark vasquez

      Here's how it goes. I create a model then I get feedback and have to make revisions.

      1. I roll the model back to the feature that needs redefining or editing, in this case it was a sketch used in conjuction with another sketch to form a projected curve.


      2.  After redefining the sketch the 3d sketch that was used to define direction 2 of the surface needs to be fixed because it lost it's references to the aforementioned curve.


      3. I can not get the 3d sketch elements to be coincident with the curve even after it becomes un-absorbed.

      therefore I have to delete the surface which in turn destroys all subsequent features from that s urface.


      In closing all I want to do is to redefine the 3d sketch to be coincident to the curve to finalize the surface.

      hopefully someone can understand this and maybe explain to me what I need to do..



      Thanks in advance for any and all help..