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Solidworks 2007 64 bit crash issues with EPDM 2008

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Dec 8, 2010

Has  anyone found similar crash issues when using Solidworks 2007 64 bit and EPDM 2008?


In solidworks, when trying to unsuppress a feature of a component or to set to resolved a component in an assembly, if the selected component is read only, solidworks gives error statement - "...unsupported operation attempted..." - clicking OK or canceling our using X solidowrks then crashes.  If the selected component has write access there is no issue.


Also, if you try to open a component from the feature manager tree and that component is read only you get the same error message.


If EPDM is not installed these issues/errors are not present on Solidworks 2007 64 bit...

If EPDM is installed but Solidworks 2007 is at 32 bit rather than 64 bit these issues/errors are not present...

If components have write access using EPDM and Solidworks 2007 64 bit these issues/errors are not present...


Any suggestions?  We will be upgrading to the current versions of Solidworks and EPDM but this will not happen until the 1st quarter of 2011.


Are there any other known bug/issues with Solidworks 64 and EPDM that others have run into?