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Decals and Appearances not visible when checking out from PDM Workgroup

Question asked by Kyrylo Shvetsov on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by Josef Snabb

Hello All


I have a part file and a JPEG that had to become an appearance or a decal on the face of the part. The problem starts when i check in my file into PDMW. When other users try to open it they cannot see decals or appearances that i have created. Here is the problem that I am experiencing:


1) when I add the graphic as an appearance and not a decal, other users cannot see it when opening a file from PDM.

2) when I add a decal to the part.

                a) Decal is added to the part and the part is checked in. If I next go and move the graphic file that is being used in the decal and try opening part from the vault again, it does not show the decal. (this simulates other users opening the file without having the JPEG)

                b) If I open an assembly containing that part with graphic file still being in the old location, the decal comes up black. Only when part is opened, the assembly starts to show the decal. (this is the case when the JPEG file is in the location that SW knows about)



It looks like decal does not get saved inside the part in 2011. .p2m file does, but not the image itself. In my case if I apply the decal and then delete the original graphic file that was used for it, it will not show up anymore when the part is opened again


Same thing happens with the appearance. How can I avoid this problem?