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64 bit, XP, Office 2000..... and SW2010.....bad combo??

Question asked by Sandy Buerkle on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by Sandy Buerkle


We have 7 of 25 SW users on 64 bit Dell T7400 machines, running XP and Office 2000, and PDM Works.

The rest are on 32 bit macines, but also on XP and Office 2000.

We plan to uninstall SW2009 on friday afternoon, install SW2010 on the server and update the files in the vault over the weekend to SW2010,

then monday have users install SW2010 using an admin image located on our server.

Does this plan seem alright?

Any known issues with these combinations (except with SW tables, we know they won't work very well).

Thanks in advance for your feedback!