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    BOM Quantity in configuration properties

    Seth Renigar

      Please see image.  This should be self explanitory.  However, I can't seem to make the "BOM Quantity" field in the custom properties work right.  What am I doing wrong?


      SW2009 SP3.0

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          Samu Niveri

          Please see the settings from your BOM options. You can not drive this with quantity property, instead you should set the BOM options correctly for your case.

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            John Burrill

            Seth, there are a couple of tricks to getting this to work

            First in each configuation, set your quantity property to 0.5 (or 1/x where x is the total number of fractions of a the part in the drawing )

            These will add up to 1 in the bill of materials.

            However, you have to set the the Partnumber in the configuration dialog box manually.  For some reason, it won't combine part numbers if it's set to file name.  So for each part file or configuration that you want to tally, edit the configuration properties and type in a part number:

            partial qtys.png

            Once you've locked that down, the settings that can bite you are on the BOM properties.  Make  sure

            Display all configurations with the same name as one item

            is checked.  That control is in the'part configuration grouping' panel of BOM properties.

            One final thing, if you have different descriptions for your combined parts, then the bom item will display the description of the last instance of the part in the assembly tree.

            bom descriptions.png

            If you've taken that into consideration you should be able to get the bom to behave the way you want it to.

            Good luck



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                Seth Renigar

                Well now that's just not confusing, now is it?  But it worked.....


                Personally, I think there needs to be some work done on BOMs.  There seems to be way too many options/settings to get the BOMs to work right.  You've got to find just the right combination of these options/settings.  I'm not saying that these options/settings are not needed for different scenarios.  But its not very clear, based on the option/setting descriptions and help file, when to use which ones.


                Hmmm...  After proof-reading this, I think my comments are just as confusing as the BOM options....   Must not have gotten enough sleep last night...   :-)

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                  Dale Dunn

                  OK, I got this working (in 2009 sp5.1), but with "Display configurations of the same part as separate items". As usual, the forum is more help than the help.


                  My next problem is how to get units to appear next to this quantity. According to the help, "If the value 3 represents ounces, you  can create another custom property named Unit, and assign it the value oz. With this configuration, for every unit of  grease listed in the BOM, the associated quantity is 3." I took this to mean that "Unit" is a special custom property name that will be included with the quantity in the BOM. This doesn't work. Will I just have to add a separate column in the BOM for the "Unit"" Custom property?