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PhotoView Animation problems?

Question asked by Scott Bruins on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by Scott Bruins

Has anyone else had this problem? I am trying to rendering an animation that is 32 seconds long at 24 frames per second. I have the quality set to "Good" and the resolution is 480x640, and each render takes about 4.5-5 seconds. The estimated rendering time at the settings above is always around 12 hours (to start. it grows by 2 hours or so every 50 frames)? That seems extremly long considering each frame only takes 5 seconds to render. Between renderings it takes 1-2 mins to start rendering the next frame. During this time PhotoView drops the RAM to 3.7GB, is displayed as "Not Responding" while using 13% of my processor and then ramping back up to almost 4GB or RAM. When I get to about 4.2 seconds into the rendering PhotoView simply disappears and the rendering stops? I have had this problem on multiple machines and tried the animation at different resolutions, quality settings and frame rates but they all seem to fail at the same time? I can save the full animation when not rendering it in PhotoView.



Any thoughts on what could be causing this and/or ways to speed up the rendering process? Ill try and post the model here in a little bit.